Now just 10 days away, UFC 205 is set to explode in New York City on November 12. Stacking the card with the top available talent, the UFC plans on making a big impression in their first NYC visit.

The preliminary card could easily be a main card, and that’s saying something about the calibre of UFC 205. Filling the main card at UFC 205 are former champions and top contenders galore. Let’s be honest though, it’s all about the main event.

McGregor Alvarez 3

Eddie Alvarez vs. Conor McGregor

Setting the MMA world on fire with the announcement, the UFC revealed that Eddie Alvarez would face Conor McGregor on November 12. Also causing quite a lot of controversy, the promotion once again left the featherweight title in limbo.

Having fought twice at welterweight since winning the belt, McGregor’s ventures outside his title division have been criticised by many fighters. Jose Aldo requested and was denied a release from his contract over the UFC 205 main event.

McGregor Alvarez

The McGregor Show

Talking the talk once again, McGregor seems especially fired up for UFC 205. He could become the first champion to hold belts in two divisions at the same time by beating Alvarez.

Taking to Twitter, McGregor sent out a clear threat to the 155-pound division. He also added a video showing him pulverising his sparring partner Dillon Danis.

Shortly after his sparring session that wrapped up the camp for UFC 205, McGregor was approached by a member of the UFC media team. Asking him about his future at lightweight, and the criticism of his ‘trash talking,’ the reporter seems to have touched a nerve.

Skip to 3:40 for Conor McGregor’s rant against Nate Diaz and TJ Dillashaw

YouTube video

“Who the fook is TJ Dillashaw?”

“From the first Diaz fight to the second Diaz fight, it took me three months to improve (my cardio). It took me three months to go from not lasting two rounds, to outlasting a triathlete who had 30 pounds on me. The cardio vascular training we are doing, nothing is guess-work. Watch them follow suit, we are releasing a three-month training programme. It’s currently in progression, it’s very scientific. It changed my life.”

In response to TJ Dillashaw saying McGregor is more of a theatrics artist than MMA fighter:

“F*ck him, who the f*ck is TJ Dillashaw? Who the f*ck is he? Where are his fights? He isn’t going out there, fight after fight, and taking these guys out. I hear a lot of talking, but not a lot of working. I had to work my bollocks off to get here, and now I’m still in here working. Who else is coming off a five round war with a triathlon and jumping straight back in here? Nobody! These fighters are saying they deserve what I have, no. I didn’t always have this, I had to work for it, they are the ones who are all talk. I hear a lot of moaning.”

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