When will people learn? You should never mix alcohol with martial arts, someone’s bound to get hurt….

You may remember recently we saw a video of a Muay Thai teacher schooling a wannabe thug in his gym, well today’s topic is along very similar lines. What makes this video arguably more shocking, is that the challenger is described as drunk.

We all have that friend that likes to get tanked up and maybe start a little trouble, or maybe you are that guy, but common sense would tell you or your tipsy pals that challenging a martial artist to a fight is probably not a good idea.

Unfortunately in this scenario, the challenger in question is severely lacking in both common sense and friends to warn him away from the idea of fighting bare knuckle with a Muay Thai specialist. The drunken gent is described as ‘kung fu’ but there’s clearly no sign of martial arts experience in his performance.


Most martial artists like Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva, pictured above, live by the image of clean living, discipline and self control.These are some of the key elements that a martial artist embodies, and sadly for the drunk guy on page 2, he must have picked a bad day to show up at this guy’s gym.

Not only does the much taller and clearly more skilled Thai Fighter agree to the fight, he doesn’t hold back one little bit.

Skip to page 2 for the video….

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