When you taunt your opponent, you better be able to back it up. It happens in everyday life, including the competitive world of sport. Yeah, most especially in mixed martial arts.

Though taunting is admittedly sometimes fun, things rarely go the agitator’s way. Call it karma, bad luck, coincidence or a sign from the sports gods above. No matter the reason, taunt initiators rarely prosper.

Photo: Fightland
Photo: Fightland

Taunters are punished in unexpected ways. Many MMA fighters have felt vanity’s wrath—and the canvas—in manners both humbling and pitiful.

There’s also a great sense of satisfaction when you watch someone get a beat down, when they clearly deserved it. It’s sadistic and feels wrong, but at the same time feels oh so right.

There’s a time and place for smack talk and boasting. The MMA cage is not one of them.

To celebrate this phenomena, we take a look back at some moments that never fail to put smiles (or big sheepish grins) on our faces.

Here are the Top Five Most Satisfying Karma Moments in MMA.


Having Tattoos Doesn’t Make You The Tough Guy

Julian “Julz The Jackal” Wallace’s body might be covered in tattoos. But he learned the hard way you shouldn’t talk too much smack if you can’t back it up.

Wallace did his best to intimidate his opponent and future UFC fighter, Ben Nguyen, during weigh-ins. Wallace got into Nguyen’s face, trying to take the Asian fighter off his game.

This tactic, however, was ineffective. Nguyen knocked Wallace out within 25 seconds of the first round. It gave him overnight fame on social media.

The video of this fight went viral and has amassed over 18 million views on YouTube. It also has over a 100 million views on Facebook and other social media platforms.

It’s one of the most epic karma moments in recent memory and sets the tone for the rest of this list.

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  1. Dan Henderson’s KO of Bisping is still my favorite moment of all time. Especially with the extra shot to shut him up after the fact. Karmic!

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