Street Fighting Just Got Festive…

There’s often numerous street fight videos that go viral. Reasons ranging between revenge, alcohol/drugs or just plain stupidity can result in a bare knuckle beatdown. In the case of today’s article, it may be all of the above.

When stress levels get high, even the most happy parties can turn in to a violent blood bath, but a Christmas party? Yep, even a festive get together can quickly turn in to a violent scrap when liquor is involved.


Drunk Santa Fight Video

After watching this video, one thing is very clear; People are stupid. The reality is that human beings, no matter how clever we think we are, are no better than a bunch of animals when on the sauce.

What’s the story behind this wild street fight? Honestly, we don’t know, but maybe it’s better that way. Watch the video of 12 drunk Santa’s laying in to each other in New York City, and get in the festive spirit.

YouTube video

Next up on our daily line up of scraps is the segment we like to call ‘don’t be this guy.’ In today’s DBTG we have a wildly popular video that shows why talking smack for no reason is a very bad idea.

Appearing to have nothing to do with alcohol or drugs, or an actual beef, this guy seems to just be very, VERY stupid.


Don’t Be This Guy! Video Below

Talking smack to another group of youths, this guy actually gets what he deserves. It seems the young man he was antagonising didn’t want to fight at all, and states that fact on numerous occasions.

Eventually the bully pushes it too far, and ends up getting laid out cold on the pavement. Although the soccer kicks to the head are quite unnecessary, he wouldn’t have been in that position had he kept walking.

Watch on the Youtube player below:

YouTube video

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