Shane “Hurricane” Burgos is a UFC featherweight on the rise. With an unbeaten record of eight wins and no losses, Burgos has won seven of his bouts by finish. Although he has shown tremendous promise and skill, he’s hardly the first fighter in MMA off to a hot start.

Yes, there are a plethora of fighters who have come out the gates firing, behind unblemished records and machismo. It’s hardly groundbreaking. Burgos however, just recently made history.

Shane Burgos Haircut

Shane Burgos Made History Friday Night

In his latest outing, Burgos became the first UFC fighter in history to get a haircut mid-fight.

The 25-year-old Burgos made his UFC debut at UFC Fight Night 102 in Albany, and it was one for the books.

In the midst of a three-round featherweight bout against Tiago “Trator” Dos Santos E Silva, Burgos was visibly having difficulty with his hair.

Burgos came into the bout with this long braided ponytail. Obviously a fashion statement, however, it was seriously impeding his ability to move.

And you don’t mess around in the cage, that’s not what you want to do.

So between the second and third rounds, Burgos’ cornerman busted out a pair of scissors to do some manscaping. He cut that ponytail off clean, there was no other choice. It was either that or just get Burgos to fight through the annoyance.

UFC Fighter Gets Haircut In The Octagon

Cutting the hair off turned out to be the right move. Burgos went on to beat Trator by comprehensive unanimous decision.

There have been a multitude of fighters competing with wild and wacky hairstyles. First to come to mind is Dan Hardy’s mohawk, and then Roy Nelson’s mullet. There’s also Benson Henderson’s reggae dreads.

But Burgos takes the cake.

A fighter getting hair treatment on his stool in between rounds? Not something you see everyday. Doesn’t matter where Burgos goes after this, or what he does with his career. He can go on to win multiple UFC titles. Or he could have a very mediocre, unremarkable career.

It doesn’t matter because he’ll always be the first in history to get a haircut inside the Octagon.

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