Seems there are a lot of old school martial artists still hanging around. You know, the guys who practice Wing Chun and Kung Fu. And that one so-called martial arts master that just waves his hand as his disciples fall to the ground. The worst part is, these guys continue to think they can throw down in an actual fight.

Today we find ourselves in the modern age of MMA. Where Bruce Lee’s incredible influence has helped fighters to understand that mixing styles is the ultimate form of combat. You can’t just “know” Kung Fu and be able to kick anybody’s ass.

What happens when a Kung Fu master challenges an MMA fighter?

One Kung Fu master learned that the hard way. Challenging a much younger Asian male, presumably an MMA practitioner, the Kung Fu master got his behind handed to him on a platter.

The Kung Fu master, wearing a traditional white garb, begins to strike poses. You know, just like they do in the movies. His opponent bounces around on the balls of his feet, obviously trying to gauge what the master has to offer. And like lightning, the younger guy opens up his strikes with a vicious right hand.

Obviously stung by the initial contact, the old master backpedals and tries to parry the ensuing punches. But the young man sustained his pursuit, firing off lefts and rights with bad intentions. As the fight moves closer to the edge of the mat, the young man lands a sick right hook that drops the old master.


Watch this video closely to see who won

With his body shocked and slumped from the impact, the old master crumples to the ground. On instinct, the young MMA fighter follows him to the ground, gains full mount and starts hammering down ground and pound.

The beating continues as the young MMA fighter lands punch after unanswered punch. The crowd of people stood in awe. Bet you everybody watching thought the Kung Fu master had that fight in the bag. But that’s the beauty of modern day MMA, it really is more effective than just any one discipline.

The video has obviously gone viral and has sparked some intense debate. There are those who are sticking to traditional martial arts being superior. As opposed to the convoluted sport of MMA today that combines pretty much every fighting style in existence. Guess some people just prefer the purest unadulterated form of fighting.

Chinese MMA fighter identified

The identity of the Chinese MMA fighter has since been identified as being one Xu Xiaodong. Apparently Xiaodong is an amateur at best, which makes his performance against the Tai Chi master even more compelling. The Tai Chi master has been identified as master Wei Lei.

Xu has apparently angered the traditional martial arts community. And that many other martial arts ‘masters’ have called him out after watching the viral video. It appears Xu may need to begin sharpening his skills as future showdowns have now become imminent.

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