Flashback: Fake Martial Artist Issues $5K Challenge & MMA Fighter Accepts

Ever heard of a mystical martial art known as Kiai? No, neither have we, but certain ‘masters’ around the world claim it’s legitimate. Seeing is believing in most cases, but with ‘Bullshido’ there’s the ever-present element of compliance. Kiai is actually a Japanese term for the noise in Karate made when throwing a strike.

Using a group of willing students to demonstrate corny martial arts in McDojo’s became a huge craze in the 1990’s. Since that time we’ve seen some real bloopers, some of whom managed to gain semi-fame and a lot of ill-gotten money.



Kiai Master Yanagiryuken

Also known as ‘no touch,’ Kiai is a classic example of a bullshido martial art. After claiming he had a 200-0 record, this ‘master’ clearly began believing his own lies. It was this outrageous self confidence that would prove to be his downfall.

Following a highly suspicious demo where master Yanagiryuken appears to KO 20 men without even touching them, he issued a bold challenge. $5000 would go to any MMA fighter who could beat him. Here’s the video of what happened:

He Wasn’t Ready!?!?!

Following such a nasty beating, we’ll hopefully never hear from this phoney martial arts master again. That said, he’s not the only one issuing challenges to actual martial artists. Another ‘no touch’ martial artist gets exposed next.

This time, in some random field in Russia, an energy shield master actually challenges an MMA fighter to punch him in the face. Are these people really so stupid that they begin believing their own BS?

Amazing Energy Shield Bro!

Another fake martial arts master debunked. The question is, how many more will challenge fighters to punch them in the face? After the fun we’ve had watching these clips, we’ll definitely be on the lookout for more.

Lesson of the day

Don’t try and Bullshido your way to fame. Although you may get recognized, there’s always going to be a legit fighter ready to punch your face in the name of reality and truth. Cheers for reading nut huggers, see ya next time.

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