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That moment when you realise you shouldn’t have acted like such a douchebag. Cocky MMA fighters paying the price by getting KTFO….

In modern combat sports there’s an almost necessary aspect that has been handed down through the ages, and that’s the tradition of hyping fights. In the pursuit of selling tickets and pay-per-views, or sometimes just because they are that way, fighters often go all out with trash talking and trying to antagonize their opponents.

Self proclaimed king of trash talk Chael Sonnen was able to get in to his opponent’s heads very often, but mostly paid the price for his talk
Some of the greatest trash talkers of all time have been amazing fighters, Muhammad Ali was a prime example as a guy that could talk the talk and walk the walk all the same. The subject of today’s article is fighters that fail miserably in the latter.

Of course there’s a huge difference between verbally slating your opponent and being outright cocky. When turning heel in a mixed martial arts rivalry, it’s key that you are able to live up to your own hype, or you’ll become a cautionary tale.

conor mcgregor ufc mma
UFC interim featherweight champ Conor McGregor is a good example of a fighter who, thus far, has been able to back up all his trash talk

When all is said and done, an athlete’s performance on fight night is what will stick in everybody’s mind. If you’ve acted like a tool before or perhaps even during that event, you might end up being the subject of an undesirable article such as this one.

So check out the rather satisfying collection of fighters who acted cocky and got KTFO!

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