WATCH: The GOAT Artem Lobov Inflicts Defeat On Paulie Malignaggi

The GOAT Inflicted Defeat on the Magic Man… After an Incredibly Toxic Build-Up, it’s All Over as Artem Lobov Got the Decision Over Paulie Malignaggi, Who Went Home With a Broken Hand…

It was an anti-climax in the end. If you paid $40 to watch Paulie Malignaggi fight Artem Lobov on Pay-Per-View, you’re probably feeling a bit underwhelmed after a cagey fight went to the judge’s scorecards. However, if you’re the GOAT, you really won’t care, after he beat the New Yorker in Florida at BKFC 6.

The lead-up to this fight was as messy as they come. Malignaggi saw this fight as a potential stepping-stone to taking on Lobov’s friend and teammate Conor McGregor. However, he learnt the hard way that bare-knuckle boxing isn’t boxing. You can be as slick as you like but if you’re not moving forward and inflicting damage, then you won’t win.

Now Lobov is 2-0 in a sport that seems like it was designed with him in mind. He’s likely going to get the chance to fight for a BKFC title next. Check out the highlights below.

Main Event

Bareknuckle fights last for five two minute rounds. The fighters’ wrists are wrapped but their knuckles are obviously left uncovered. The question coming into this one was whether or not Malignaggi’s hands would be able to handle the physicality of the sport and if Lobov would be able to hang with a genuinely elite boxer.

This fight was very close. The first round could have gone Lobov’s way as he put on a bit more forward pressure. Malignaggi didn’t want to get hit or lured into a brawl that would quickly turn bloody. He tried to stay on the outside and landed jabs to Lobov’s body. But the forward pressure probably won it for the Irish-based Russian.


Two and three surely went to Malignaggi. He was able to settle and get his crisp boxing going. The jab to the body was his main weapon and Lobov struggled to close the distance and start his dirty boxing. It wasn’t very entertaining to watch but ‘The Magic Man’ wouldn’t have cared too much.

Four and five must have gone the other way to Lobov. He moved forward again with more pressure, putting Malignaggi on the back foot. The New Yorker complained after that the Florida commission must not know how to score boxing. Well, it’s not boxing, is it? It’s bare-knuckle boxing and aggression is what people care about.

Strange Fight

Now, after all the spitting, scuffles and bad blood between the two camps, Paulie might finally go back and do what he does best which is talking. He’s genuinely an excellent analyst and he’s right: bare-knuckle boxing is beneath him. The former two-time boxing champion has tarnished his legacy a bit. Losing to an MMA fighter with short arms isn’t what you’d expect from someone of his class.

Meanwhile, Lobov’s stock has never been higher. After a brutal brawl with Jason Knight in his last fight, he’ll probably be relieved not to have taken so much damage against Malignaggi. Paulie left Florida with a broken hand and cuts on his face. Not what he’ll have wanted.

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