UFC Fighter Jared Gordon Had a Crazy Run-In With a Baseball Bat Wielding Thug… Too Bad the Dude Didn’t Know Who He Was Dealing With…

Jared Gordon has had a crazy life. After becoming dependent on prescription drugs, he became addicted to heroin. He suffered three overdoses in his life, with the third having left him legally dead for two minutes. But the New Yorker has totally turned his life around.

Now he’s a successful MMA fighter. With a record of 15-3, he’s clearly decent and has gone 3-2 in the UFC so far. ‘Flash’ fights in the UFC’s stacked lightweight division and was signed after he impressed Dana White on his ‘Looking For a Fight’ series.

He clearly knows how to handle himself as one idiotic dude found out in New York. We all know how it ends when an ordinary testosterone-filled guy takes on the wrong person. Keep reading to watch Gordon deal with the baseball-bat wielding thug.

Random Attack

The incident occurred in Chicago, where Gordon was out and about with his family. They were having a really nice night when they came across a truck on the street with a bumper sticker on the front that read: “I love crack wh*res.” Obviously, they found this very funny and they took a few pictures on their phones. That’s when it escalated. As Gordon wrote on his Twitter:

“Had an awesome night with my parents, my cousin and her husband this evening in Chicago. I took this video of this guys bumper sticker I saw as we were walking back to the hotel, he didn’t approve and pulls a bat out of his trunk… see next video for the rest.”


This moron decided that he didn’t want people taking pictures of him and his vehicle. So instead of politely asking them not to, like a normal human being, he instead grabbed a baseball bat and came charging out of his truck. Big mistake.

Gordon’s training kicked into gear, and with strength in numbers on his side as well, the guy with the bat really had no chance. They took him down and took the bat away from him before letting him go on his way. Gordon said:

“Me and my cousins husband subdue him and I take the bat from him. It took everything in me not to punch him. So I stepped on his neck instead, and he goes sleepy for about 2-3 seconds… and goes on his merry way.”

Mandatory Credit: Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports.


Gordon was able to put the would-be attacker to sleep for a couple of seconds, giving him enough time to disarm the thug. Then they let him leave. The guy had the cheek to ask for his bat back before getting told where to go.

Would it have been reasonable to ask somebody not to take pictures of you and your car? Yeah sure. But if you’ve got a bumper sticker on your vehicle like that then people are going to take notice. Such a dumb move. That’s a rough lesson to learn.

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