WATCH: Woman Hits Man With Taser, Man Hits Woman With Falcon Punch

By Salvador Sanchez
WATCH: Woman Hits Man With Taser, Man Hits Woman With Falcon Punch

Falcon Punch! For whatever reason, this woman decided to bring a taser to a street fight. What’s even worse is she tried to taser a man who wasn’t even fighting. It did not end well for her…

Here we go again with another look at the best of the worst in the world of street fights. While MMA is a little quiet, and boxing is just boxing, we here at Scrap Digest are delving into the murky realms of unregulated chaos.

Featured in today’s article is your stereotypical Friday night in ‘insert name of your ghetto here.’ As always, there’s someone who is completely uninvolved in the situation eagerly filming the whole drama.

Topping off the attraction of this violent spat is the unisex nature of the assault. Yes, it starts as a catfight, but when a third party female gets involved with a taser, a man who appears to be acting as a hood referee scores the KO.

The aftermath of tasing a ghetto street fight referee…

“Please Don’t Hit Me With That Taser”

Although he is about to bust the nose of the taser-carrying female, the man in a hi-vis jacket is at least polite before he strikes. He can be heard asking her ‘please don’t hit me with that taser.’

Obviously not receptive to his cordial requests, the woman decides to zap the man with a few volts. At this stage, the man decides he has had enough and falcon punches the taser lady into a living death (to quote Ken Shamrock).

Watch on the video player below, and observe how the woman’s friend thinks they should call the police, a somewhat strange idea given she is still carrying a dangerous weapon:

Well, He Did Ask Nicely…

Outside of the plank-inducing knockout punch he inflicted on the woman, you can only describe the gentleman as a well-mannered man. Perhaps in another life, he would have been a crusader for women’s rights or some sort of philanthropist.

There’s a lot to be said about the following man, who slaps the soul out of a country bumpkin OAP after she drops the n-bomb.

Although he did slap the racism out of her mouth, the guy gave her the opportunity to stop talking trash. Ever wondered what it looks like from a point-of-view angle? Rest assured, we have that covered too.

In the final video, some crazy woman decides to verbally abuse a black dude with some racist insults. For whatever reason, whether it be mental incapacity or just general ignorance, she thinks things will go just fine.

Next time you are challenged to a street fight, remember kids, you could end up being a viral video. And if you do have to fight, don’t bring a taser or use the N-word. For Christ’s sake, have some dignity!

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