Tyron Woodley believes he can finish Nate Diaz…

Tyron Woodley has officially started training camp for a bout with Nate Diaz, even if Diaz has yet to accept the fight offer. Not only that, but Woodley believes he can finish Nate, something all the power in Conor McGregor’s left hand wasn’t able to do in nearly 7 rounds of combat.

While rumors persist that Diaz has turned down the fight, Woodley (and others close to the situation) believe strongly that negotiations are still ongoing.

Woodley would not say exactly when he was expecting to hear confirmation of the bout but he did drop some hints that a firm “yes” or “no” answer from the Diaz camp is expected in a day or two.

Here is what the welterweight champion had to say recently on the MMA Hour:

So when they say 24 (hours), I assume 48, maybe a little longer — 48 or 72 hours — because sometimes the Diaz brothers aren’t known to be the greatest negotiators, with returning phone calls and coming to terms on deals. So 24 hours to them could be three days, but this is my job. What, am I going to complain about training? I love training, especially when it’s an opponent that I respect, someone that brings some type of threat to me, gives me that anxiety and makes me pumped up to train.

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Tyron Woodley On Getting A Big Money Fight

Tyron Woodley has treated his UFC championship reign as an investment. He’s been calling for a big money fight with either Diaz brother or GSP ever since winning the belt. With 2 fights against Wonderboy and another defense against Demian Maia now under his belt, Woodley feels his big payday is on the horizon.

Put it like this, including myself, there’s not a bigger name at 170 than Nate Diaz right now. The only bigger name that was a bigger name because of what he’s done before his brother is [Nick Diaz], or Georges St-Pierre, none of whom have agreed to fight at 170 again. So with that said, it would be silly for me not to entertain the fight. I didn’t ask for the fight. It was offered to me. I just said yes to the fight.”

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Will Nate Diaz Accept The Fight?

Many have speculated that Nate will not accept a fight unless it is the trilogy bout with Conor. Failing that, Nate’s camp has expressed a guaranteed payday of tens of millions of dollars is what will be required to get him back in the cage for the first time since UFC 202.

Asked why a fight with Nate has yet to be finalized, here is what Woodley had to say:

It sounds like a lot of excuses to me, but you know what, I’m not going to call out a man. Maybe there wasn’t enough money on the table. I can’t go on record because I don’t know for 100-percent sure, but I believe part of them trying to go back to him and ask him about the fight again, they would have to go with more money. Because if you call and ask him with the same money, the same date, the same opponent, and you don’t have more money, then you’re basically just asking him again and he’s already said no.

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Woodley Explains How He’ll Finish Nate Diaz

Despite the lack of an official fight announcement, Woodley is already training for Diaz. According to Woodley, he has what it takes to finish the 32-year-old Stockton native.

Woodley revealed a few points about his potential gameplan for Diaz earlier this week:

“I consider Nate not the type of grinding grappler, the static strength opponent that would present those problems (for my shoulder) — someone who’s going to be in the clinch, who’s defending takedowns, going for a lot of shots. Throwing a lot of power at Nate, I think that’s how you lose to Nate, when you just try to one-punch shot him, because he has a strong chin, as him and his brother have shown time and time again. They’re volume punchers, they’re cardio fighters. They try to do the mental warfare within the Octagon and before the Octagon.

“So, really, you never throw overhand rights to beat them, and I think I can stop him without my overhand right punch. He’s not going to try to take me down. I don’t necessarily have to take him down. But if wanted to, I can’t see it being much of a fight for him to stop me from taking him down.”

Woodley seems to believe he can finish Nate without an overhand right, which is what he used to defeat Robbie Lawler for the belt at UFC 201.

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