With thousands of elegant and powerful car models trending in 2020, a few resonate with buyers and sell more, but are they the most popular cars in 2020?. By analyzing the number of units moved to gauge the popularity of cars, Toyota Yaris and Honda Brio would take the podium.

But looking at different statistical analyses from different countries, states and regions, it’s quite evident the cars popular in Indonesia are not popular in Japan as such. And neither are they in the USA.

Some brand names have ruled the world not because they sell nor they have super performance, but because their prices are relatively high and the designs are exceptionally unique. Ferrari and Lamborghini are household names among many auto enthusiasts partly due to their uniqueness and price.

The popularity of a brand is different from the popularity of a model. Without a doubt, Toyota is the most popular car brand and even though some of its models are among the popular in 2020, Honda and Nissan feature some of the most popular cars.

However, considering all accounts like a universally acceptable product, performance, appearance, and most mentioned, the line-up would take a different twist.

The automotive market trend has been characterized by ups and falls for the past year. This has seen some of the renowned best-selling car models perform the worst and other forgotten brands like Jeep making a debut.

Here is the list of the most popular cars in 2020:

1. Toyota Avanza

Toyota Avanza has not only been the best-selling car in Indonesia but also among the top in many other continents like Asia. What’s most surprising is despite the not so good-looking design, the love for Avanza has consistently remained high for several years.

Besides being designed for the Indonesian market, there are myriads of other factors making Avanza the most popular car. Availability of spare parts and their cheap prices is one of the factors. This is fueled by its massive availability.

Toyota Avanza is the best car for every terrain. Whether you want to climb a mountain or ride on the muddy or rocky roads in your region, this is the car to choose. The high speed, good performance, and fuel efficiency cannot be forgotten highlighting why Avanza is so popular.

Being suitable for both commercial and domestic uses has greatly contributed to the popularity of this car. Anyone planning to buy a family car that can be easily resold firstly lands on the Toyota Avanza.

2. Mitsubishi Xpander

How Mitsubishi Xpander became the “car of the car”, barely a year since its launch in Indonesia in 2017 remains a mystery to many – but not among the MPV for SUV car lovers. Indonesia is a nation of family people. Counting the number of passengers meant to occupy all the seats and the luggage the boot can accommodate, you’ll get a hint why it’s that popular.

With buyers being spoilt of choice due to the many appealing variants, many have ultimately found themselves buying Mitsubishi Xpander. Comfort is at its maximum. If given a free ride in this SUV, you will not keep guessing which car to buy to next. Mitsubishi Lancer is popularly known for its suspension system. The Xpanders’ system is at another level compared to Lancer. Just imagine the comfort!

Security and safety features plus the clearance from the bottom has led to its popularity, which is a result of increased sales. The Sporty variant is a good choice for quick sprinters.

3. Nissan Livina

A second peep into the interior will satisfactorily answer why Nissan Livina is that popular. The luxury and the stylish leather interior is just amazing. As a well-priced smart family car capable of accommodating 7 passengers, the demand and desire for this car are above average.

Another distinctive feature placing Nissan Livina at the top 4 of the most popular cars in 2020 is its expandable boot. Would you imagine of a car whose all back seats are foldable? A wheelchair or several huge pieces of luggage can fit into the boot.

Livina may look like a simple car but the incorporated safety features are adorable. The DataDot Anti-Theft System, driver airbags, and NATS Immobiliser are top-notch.

4. Honda Civic

Honda Civic may feature in position four in this article but when talking about the world’s most popular car in 2020, Civic takes the lead. In Indonesia, this sedan car is much applauded for its performance and beauty. Every generation of the Honda Civic has always attracted the attention of consumers and thus its popularity.

Getting a sporty car hidden in a family car with a horsepower of173 PS at 5,500 rpm is not an easy task. The 306-hp Civic Type R has tremendously raised the Civics level in the market and is now among the fanciest fun-to-drive compact cars.

Honda Civics’ existence as a sedan and hatchback has positively influenced a wide variety of consumers within Indonesia and other countries.

5. Toyota Corolla

Not only in 2020 but also since the first generation launch in inn 1966, Toyota Corolla has been on top year-in, year-out. Because of the love for this car in many homesteads, over 45 million units have been moved across the world. Still, the most current Toyota corolla Altis popularity has gotten many by surprise. It’s applauded as a safe and reliable vehicle that’s easy and not costly to service.

Whether it’s a sedan, sport, or hatchback car, the Corolla has a model for everyone. The wide variety of designs and the models’ trust are some of the reasons behind its popularity.


For any car to be a global leader in the automotive world, a lot is involved. Every human has his preferences. Despite this odd, all the above cars have a better taste for the majority of humans in many countries. It’s neither the design nor the name but a combination of critical features like the maintenance cost, fast to resell and interior design that count. Affordability and availability of spare parts are other influential factors.