PIC: Andrea Lee’s Abusive Husband Jailed After 9 Months on the Run

By Dazzler

Andrea ‘KGB’ Lee’s Husband Donny Aaron Has Finally Been Jailed… The Mad Man Went on the Run After Beating Up the UFC Fighter… 

Donny Aaron is not a nice man. His swastika and SS tattoos are a clear sign of his dark side. The husband of UFC fighter Andrea Lee, he went on the run after a terrible domestic abuse incident that occurred after UFC 227. Lee and Aaron’s then-housemate, MMA fighter Andy Nguyen, told police Aaron allegedly tried to burn Lee with a cigarette and choke her during an argument.

Lee is a very distinctive fighter. She wears cowboy hats and boots and has published calendars with her friend and fellow MMA fighter Nguyen (who has fought for RIZIN). She’s currently unbeaten in the UFC and has fought once in 2019. With her kickboxing background, she has an entertaining style as well.

The news of Aaron’s arrest broke earlier today. Thankfully this maniac will be behind bars again soon for his alleged crimes and brutal treatment of women.


Lee caused controversy when she claimed that her husband was a changed man. However, unfortunately, it turns out that he has a history of domestic violence and she truly feared for her life when he attacked her before going on the run. Nguyen tried to shield Lee in her room, while Aaron’s father allegedly had to try and hold him back.

The UFC fighter suffered minor injuries from the alleged incident. Aaron was subsequently charged with domestic violence/battery and false imprisonment. He went on the run for nine months before finally being picked up by police.

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.


Of course, having your dirty laundry aired in public is hardly nice. However, it does come with the territory of being a public figure. Lee revealed how she dealt with some of this conversation in public.

“Everybody who knows of me in the MMA community, who watches the UFC, reads the updates and stuff, and just reads all the articles, it’s embarrassing,” Lee said. “I would’ve preferred to have kept all of that my personal, private business. It’s my life, and the way that it got out in the media just kind of sucks.”

“(Andy Nguyen) did say some things that I would’ve preferred things not to have been said, because it’s just hard for me, because of my little girl,” Lee said. “Donny and I, we have a daughter together. Regardless of everything that happened, he’s still her dad. And him and I and his family, we’re still going to have to cope with each other. We’re going to get along for the sake of (our daughter). And hopefully, we can be friends. I mean, I’m a forgiving person. A lot of the stuff that the media, the media they took the things that Andy said and twisted it to fit their story.”

Screenshot: Twitter.

Domestic Violence

The UFC has a dubious relationship with domestic violence. They were widely criticised for putting controversial heavyweight Greg Hardy on the same card as violence victim Rachael Ostovich. Other high-profile fighters who have been involved in alleged domestic violence incidents include Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson and BJ Penn.

Violence towards women just isn’t cool guys. It doesn’t matter if they’re professional fighters, it’s still one of the worst things you can do.