Has Johnny Walker Been Drinking Too Much Johnny Walker? The Brazilian Light-Heavyweight Fighter Believes That Jon Jones is Running Scared and That He Would Beat Francis Ngannou… 

It’s been a great year and a half for Brazil’s Johnny Walker. The light-heavyweight fighter has scorched all three of his UFC opponents so far, including Misha Cirkunov and Khalil Rhountree Jr. Standing at 6″5, he’s an opposing figure which makes his dynamism and power all the more frightening.

Right now there’s still a feeling that we don’t know how good he is. Sure, he’s got the power to knock out anybody, but he’s yet to truly beat a top tier 205lber. There’s a lot of heat around his name though and he knows that a couple more big wins in a thin division will definitely earn him a title shot.

Walker is doing his best to put the work in before any future title fight. He’s trying to create a rivalry with Jon Jones, who he believes is scared to fight him.

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The Brazilian knows what he wants to achieve and who he has to beat to get there. Realistically, he’s probably two big fights away from that title shot but he says he doesn’t care who he has to fight.

“My target is the champion, so I’ll fight whoever they put in front of me, it doesn’t matter,” Walker told MMA Fighting. “I don’t have a preference. I have to get past someone to get (to the belt), so I don’t care. Whoever they bring, it’s fine.

“I don’t want to sound cocky, but my goal is way bigger than this. People will say I’m cocky, that I’m talking about beating everyone up. Man, my goal is to be champion so I have to beat these guys up first.”

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Knock Out

Jones’s performance in his last fight was much less dominant than we’re used to. Thiago Santos definitely troubled the champion and even earned the win on one of the judges’ scorecards. Walker is refusing to underestimate him though.

“I think he can do much better than that,” Walker said. “He definitely has to do more against me, otherwise I’ll knock him out in the first round.”

“I think ‘Marreta’ was a great challenge,” he continued, “But ‘Marreta’ got hurt in the first round. Jones is the champion and would obviously win if it went to the scorecards, so I think he took his foot off the gas and the fight went the way you saw.”

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Give Me Ngannou

He’s even come up with a very novel way of earning that title shot. He’s up for a clash with the scariest man in MMA today: Francis Ngannou. Walker believes that beating ‘The Predator” would be enough to earn him a title shot. He’d want to be careful in case the UFC takes him up on it…

“I’d like to impress the fans by beating Francis Ngannou. He’s a machine,” Walker said. “He impressed so many people with his punching power, the way he finishes his fights. People is scared to fight him. I’m not scared to fight him. We have the same punching power. I did the test at the UFC Performance Institute. I was coming off a surgery and almost did the same number he did, so I have the same power or even more. I can definitely defeat him.”

“I think I’ll have to fight two more times before fighting (Jones), so I’ll get things going in any division,” he continued. “If they need a fight at heavyweight, I’m in. I don’t choose opponents. I’ll fight anyone. I don’t care if it’s a top 10, a top 20, a top 2. It’s just a regular human being that will get beat up the same way.”

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