Boxing has made a lot of negative headline over the past year. Numerous athletes have died from punch-inflicted head trauma. This has put the sport under more scrutiny than ever before. Meanwhile, many believe that corruption is rife in the sport. Whether or not you agree or disagree with this, it’s a divisive subject.

Nothing is more frustrating than two boxers in their prime avoiding each other. We’re not going to name names but Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua are the prime examples. However, boxing can be dangerous in other ways that you might not expect.

When you have the two men in the ring, you think what could go wrong? Well, have you ever seen somebody fall out of a ring and injure themselves before even throwing a punch? If you watch this clip you will. All we can say is Khabib Nurmagamedov and Tony Ferguson need to be kept in bubble wrap until the bell rings for them to fight. This is crazy.

Through the Ropes

One of the few things you expect when you’re boxing is that the ring is set up properly. That’s especially important when you have two big heavyweights in there ready to throw big thunderous shots at each other. Somebody in Cape Town didn’t get the memo. South African champion Ruann Visser was about to fight Tan Fick when this glorious moment happened.

He was warming up before the fight and bounced himself off the ropes. The first time he did it was ok, but the second time he went through them and off the cage. Fortunately, he didn’t land on his head. However, it did injure him and the fight was called off. It’s incredible really.

Giant King

Visser is a very big man. Nicknamed ‘The Giant King,’ he’s won 18 out of his 20 professional fights. He currently holds the WBA Pan African Heavyweight title and the South African Heavyweight title. Apparently, the fight had been hastily rearranged so that he wouldn’t have to vacate his belts. His father and trainer Nefdt Visser explained:

“He’s full of bruises. His left arm is really stiff and sore. I will sit down with Boxing SA, I will sit down with my legal team – the system’s failing in boxing, and it’s time someone pays for their mistake.”


As funny as the footage is, it’s definitely lucky that Visser didn’t take more damage. You can bet that somebody is going to lose their job for this mistake. Visser has sparred with the Klitschko brothers and is one of the most exciting talents in African boxing right now. Standing 6″9in tall, this man is a true giant.

“Tsholofelo Lejaka of the BSA said: “We need to understand what went wrong. Was it human error or structural deficiency? A boxer needs to know when he get into a ring that he’s safe.”

Hopefully, South African boxing learns from this mistake. But at the same time, we’ve got to thank them for producing this hilarious highlight-reel moment. You’ve got to love it.

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