Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is back at it again and his father’s reaction says it all. First of all, the controversial light-heavyweight came in overweight for his clash with former champion Daniel Jacobs. He had to forfeit a million dollars so that the fight would go ahead.

Oh, the fight was moved from Las Vegas to Phoenix, Arizona because he refused a drug test. We can understand that it must be tough to live in his legendary father’s shadow. But it must be time for Junior to hang up his gloves and find something he actually likes to do.

Somehow he still has fans, despite not winning since beating Andy Lee back in 2012. But when he quit in the corner they saw red and reacted furiously. Check out the clip below of them launching an assault on the ring. It’s pretty crazy footage.


As we said, Chavez Jr. still has fans, mostly thanks to his father’s reputation. This loyalty to his family name saw them turn out in droves. It actually started out quite well for Chavez as Jacobs took time to settle. That was understandable because Jacobs was effectively fighting a cruiserweight.

However, Jacobs began to find his rhythm and timing and it looked like he control of the fight by round six. Then Chavez went back to his corner and told Freddie Roach he couldn’t continue. Incredibly, the fight was over leaving a lot of fans very annoyed.

YouTube video


They were furious and threw bottles at the ring. There were even fights in the crowd. Security and Mickey Rourke escorted Chavez Jr. to safety. Yes, that Mickey Rourke. The only person who was happy was Jacobs. Even so, he was still dodging bottles during his post-fight interview.

Jacobs will likely go on and fight a champion like Billy Joe Saunders or Gennady Golovkin. Chavez Jr. can literally go and do anything else that he wants. Maybe change his hair colour too. To sum up, this turned out to be an absolute shambles.



In the corner, Chavez could be heard saying that his hand was broken. Now he has a history of such nonsense and typically he changed his story after the fight. He tried to claim that Jacobs had headbutted him and was fighting dirty. Of course, that is a load of rubbish.

“It was a very good fight,” Chavez said. “I was getting close but got headbutted above the left eye. Then I had problems because of all the blood. I came over to the corner and couldn’t breathe. He elbowed me, and headbutted me.

Very tough fight, I felt I couldn’t go cause I couldn’t breathe properly. The ref wasn’t calling anything. I apologize to the fans. I’d love to have a rematch. I got headbutted, he fought a dirty fight, and didn’t even take a point away. He would have been able to continue doing the dirty work.”

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