WATCH: Derrick Lewis Knocks Out Trash Talker in Gym Brawl

By Darren
WATCH: Derrick Lewis Knocks Out Trash Talker in Gym Brawl

Derrick Lewis is one of the toughest men out there. The UFC heavyweight contender has phenomenal power. Even when he is getting outpointed, he’s still capable of knocking you out. Just ask Alexander Volkov. Bruce Buffer literally describes him as a ‘brawler.’ That should tell you all you need to know.

Furthermore, Lewis is nicknamed ‘The Black Beast.’ Why then, would you want to pick a fight with him? Surely it would be smarter to fight a bear instead? They don’t know how to pass guard or leg kick you. Ordinary guys just can’t compete with an MMA fighter. Or any other professional combat sports athlete.

Except that some moron decided that he did want to challenge Lewis. So when an unknown boxer called him out, it was only going to end one way. That’s right, ‘The Black Beast’ melted him. See the full fight in the footage below.


TMZ reported that Lewis was working out in the gym before the fight. Some ‘boxer’ came up to him and promised that he’d knock him out because MMA fighters just don’t have the hands. Lewis is hilarious when he wants to talk, but this time he decided to talk with his hands and answered the guy’s bluff. According to ‘The Black Beast’ the challenger said:

“He will knock me out because I’m a MMA fighter.”

Good luck with that. Annoying Derek Lewis is a bad idea as this guy found out very quickly. To sum up, he got annihilated.


The actual fight went exactly as you would expect. Lewis stormed forward and unleashed a barrage of punches. His beleaguered opponent was overwhelmed and was sent flying backwards. What can you do when 300lbs of Louisiana’s finest is coming at you?

Lewis was so powerful that he actually sent the hapless ‘boxer’ through the ropes. Even when he’s almost through the ropes, Lewis still keeps punching his lifeless body. The clip then cuts out. We’re not sure which was worse, the grainy footage or the guy’s rubbish performance. Don’t challenge professional fighters folks, it’s just not a good idea.

Francis Ngannou (red gloves) fights Derrick Lewis (blue gloves) during UFC 226 at T-Mobile Arena. Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Big Time

‘The Black Beast had a big 2019. He defeated Blagoy Ivanov in his last fight as he looks to have one last crack at a title run. Next, he will take on Ilir Latifi who is moving up from light-heavyweight. In typical Lewis style, he called the match-up a fight between ‘a fat guy and a little guy.’ Both men have ridiculous power so don’t blink.

That fight goes down on February 8th 2020 in Houston, Texas. Lewis is a cult hero in the Texan capital where he is a massive fan of Popeyes Chicken. Meanwhile, the world also loves him for his hilarious interviews. Nobody can forget his attempts to chat-up Ronda Rousey. But his best moment was definitely the infamous ‘my balls were hot.’ What a legend he is.