Losing to Conor McGregor at UFC 202 must have been tough for Nate Diaz to handle. The build-up to the fight was massive and in many ways, represented the most anticipated fight in the history of the UFC. Yet Nate wasn’t the only one disappointed in the loss. His family and friends were sitting cageside and saw all the action that went down inside the Octagon.

In a short segment called UFC 202: The Thrill & The Agony, various clips are shown of both McGregor and Diaz’s corner as the fight went down, and the decision was read.


Both Diaz’ and McGregor’s family were cageside to witness all the action at UFC 202

As you all must know by now, McGregor nabbed a razor-thin Majority Decision over Diaz. The fight was so close, that it could have gone either way. A third bout is indeed warranted, although the two fighters have to dial it back a bit and recharge before the go again.

UFC lightweight Gilbert Melendez, who was in Diaz’s corner, thought the Stockton native took three rounds out of five — enough to win the bout.

“That was a f*cking war, you did amazing out there bro,” Melendez told Diaz.

On the other side of the cage stood McGregor who signalled to his corner that he thought he won four rounds out of five.

Obviously confident of victory, McGregor stepped to the center of the cage to meet Diaz and congratulate him on a great performance.

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