Russia: Fedor’s Not-So-Little Brother is Back at it Again With a Dubious Knee KO to Make it 4 From 4… 

Alexander Emelianenko just can’t stop knocking people out these days. Fedor’s little brother is on a four-fight win streak, since his return to MMA action in September of last year. This time around he was fighting Gabriel Gonzaga in Russian Cagefighting Championship 2 in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

Based in the US, Gonzaga is a former UFC heavyweight and a step up in competition from the fighters that ‘The Grim Reaper’ has been fighting recently in Russia’s Akhmat promotion. This didn’t faze Emelianenko whatsoever, and he proceeded to put the American away, although in very dubious style.

Alexander has lived in the shadow of his brother Fedor, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest fighters never to have fought in the UFC. However, he has carved out a respectable career in his own right, fighting for Pride and M-1 in his earlier career. His misdemeanors outside the cage have cost him, but he’s still a beast.

Screenshot, Youtube. 

KO Finish

Emelianenko managed to knock Gonzaga out in the second round of their fight. He spent most of the first round underneath the 4-dan Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt. However, in the second he was able to reassert himself. He put together a powerful combination of punches, driving Gonzaga up against the fence.

All Gonzaga could do was to try and cover up. However, Emelianenko still managed to rock him with some strong fists. Then he landed a knee and the referee intervened to stop the fight. The final knee looks very soft though? With the state of the game in Russia, who knows whether Gonzaga was actually really hurt.

Dark Past

The Russian has an extremely dark past. He was infamously arrested and convicted for the assault and rape of his housekeeper Polina Stepanova, in 2014. He was sentenced to four and a half years in prison but was released after two. Alexander does not have a relationship with his family and has been estranged from brother Fedor for ten years.

There was also controversy when he was connected to Polish promotion KSW, which is currently one of the fastest growing in Europe. However, the promoters backed down after it was claimed he had Hepatitis C. It turned out he had Hepatitis B. Not much better. Needless to say, he’ll never fight in an American promotion again.

It hasn’t stopped him from carving out a new career for himself in Russia. He joined up with Ramzan Kadyrov’s Akhmat MMA. Kadyrov is the notorious warlord/dictator of Chechnya, where human rights are non-existent and homosexual people are persecuted. Maybe Emelianenko isn’t the type of guy you want your daughter to bring home.

Fedor’s Time

He’ll always be overshadowed by his brother Fedor’s achievements. ‘The Last Emperor’ just defeated his own former UFC opponent, Frank Mir, winning after a stunning 45-second war. He’s now set to face Chael Sonnen in what has the potential to be Bellator’s highest ever grossing fight.

Meanwhile, Alexander will continue knocking heads together in his native Russia. It’s a shame that his career has turned out this way because as you can see he’s an absolute killer. Maybe that’s the problem. He’s just too good at what he does. Madman.

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