Conor McGregor’s highly-anticipated rematch against Nate Diaz at UFC 202 didn’t quite go like how many of his diehard fans had predicted.

McGregor supporters harped on how the Irishman would be able to blow through Diaz quickly, having now been able to prepare for Diaz specifically for months in camp.Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz

Game Plan

Instead, McGregor employed a very calculated and conservative approach to his striking and ended up winning a tactical victory.

Fans and observers took note of the many leg kicks McGregor threw and landed, which appeared to be the difference in the fight.

McGregor however had a different take on things.

In the final UFC 202 video of The Mac Life, wherein a camera crew continuously trailed McGregor all throughout camp and backstage during the event, McGregor is seen explaining exactly how he won the bout and what he thought of his opponent Diaz immediately after.


Mac Life

“He’s a tough bastard isn’t he,” McGregor shook his head as he referred to Diaz. “He just kept coming.”

McGregor also expressed his belief that Diaz came into the bout at least 190 lbs. and that the weight difference helped Diaz absorb some of his power shots.

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