Could Artem Lobov Really Fight Another Boxer? He Wants to Take on Former Unified Champion Amir Khan… Stranger Things Have Happened in the World of Combat Sports… 

It’s a crazy time to be Artem Lobov right now. The Russian fighter has carved out a niche for himself in the world of bare-knuckle boxing, with back-to-back wins over Jason Knight and Paulie Malignaggi seriously boosting his star power. He’s now become a cult hero in the world of combat sports.

He left the UFC with an overall professional MMA record of 13 wins and 14 losses. That’s not great by any means, but Lobov doesn’t care. He’ll fight anybody anywhere and now after winning the grudge match with Malignaggi, he’s looking for another exciting opponent.

Could that be former WBA and IBF light-welterweight champion Amir Khan? The British boxer is coming off the back of winning the WBC international welterweight title and Lobov would love to take him on and shatter his glass chin. His coach John Kavanagh would also like to see that fight go down.

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Lobov had called out Khan in the past but nothing came of it. The opportunity presented itself again when reports emerged that Khan is set to open a series of gyms in Saudi Arabia under the name Super Boxing Gym. John Kavanagh wasn’t happy about this. Afterall his gyms use the same initials: SBG. He offered a novel solution:

“tell you what if @amirkingkhan can beat @RusHammerMMA in a boxing match you can keep them. deal?”

Now, this would definitely be interesting. Of course, Khan would be a heavy favourite. If it was bare-knuckle boxing Lobov would batter him, but Khan isn’t going to lower himself to that.

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Fight Time

Kavanagh suggested that the two men fight in BRAVE CF’s November show, during International Combat Week. Khan is already an invited guest to the event and the promotion is owned by a Bahraini billionaire, so he definitely could just throw money at these two men and make it happen. Lobov, a shameless mercenary, is definitely happy to take this one. He tweeted:

“My last fight was called the event of the summer by Forbes. If you want BRAVE to make real waves in the combat world I am your man!! Khan, Broner, Manny, whoever…..when I fight the world is watching!!!”

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Are You Sure?

The world might be watching but not a lot of people are paying. BKFC President Dave Feldman tried to make out that the company had sold 200,000 pay-per-views for BKFC 6, headlined by Lobov and Malignaggi. MMA Fighting would later report that the actual number sold was closer to 18,000. That’s a ludicrous difference.

Also, could Lobov really challenge Khan in a boxing match? The answer is as short as the Russian fighter’s arms. No. If you judged his fight against Malignaggi using conventional boxing rules then you’d have to say ‘the Magic Man’ outpointed him. Lobov won because he kept pushing forward, which the bare-knuckle judges care about more.

In a real boxing match, he’d likely get picked apart. We’ve seen this before with Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. Do we really need the Walmart version of this? Yeah, we probably do…

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