Respect goes a long way inside the mixed martial arts cage. Fighters go through years of martial arts training being taught to respect their opponents. However, some guys just don’t get it.

While I’m all for the “win at all costs” mentality. That doesn’t mean fighters should cheap shot their foes just to win.

In a viral video making the rounds on social media, Chinese MMA promotion WBK’s 22nd live event featured Ibragim Khalilov with a gut-wrenching scumbag move as he knocked out his opponent Bakhtiyar Barotov with a cheap shot.

Photo: Sporting News
Photo: Sporting News

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As soon as the first bell sounded and both fighters stepped towards the center of the cage. Khalilov motioned to touch gloves with Barotov. But instead of the glove tap, Khalilov uncorked a vicious right hand from hell.

The blow immediately toppled Barotov and left him dazed and confused. He probably didn’t know where he was or what he was doing there. And in an instant, the fight was over. Three seconds is all it took to author perhaps the fastest KO in MMA history.

This type of thing isn’t new however, it is the most despisable act of cowardice.

In perhaps the most popular instance of cheap shot knockouts. Boxing kingpin Floyd Mayweather Jr. once knocked out Victor Ortiz with the same motion. Granted Ortiz tried to headbutt him just moments before, but nevertheless, it was still a cheap shot.

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Cheap shots are technically legal. The referee does always remind fighters to protect themselves at all times. And if not, well it’s certainly a given. But sometimes fighters forget there are rules to fighting. And that there is also something called sportsmanship.

Regardless, you can’t really knock on Khalilov for doing what he did. This is of course one of the most dangerous sports in the world. Fighters’ lives are literally on the line each time they step into the cage.

I guess it’s Batorov’s own fault in trusting a guy who wanted to take his head clean off rather than make friends.

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