Learn how to finish the fight quickly, don’t be the victim to some bully on the street, check out these expert videos….

Learning how defend yourself is an important thing now days, with aggression and street violence seemingly rampant the world over. You might think that just being able to punch is enough, but there’s certainly ore to it than that.

If you’ve spent even five minutes on Youtube, or some format of social media, you’ll find street fight videos on most channels and pages. Perhaps these types of confrontations are at an all time high, or maybe it’s just because now there’s ways for everybody to see it.

So how can you learn to defend yourself against these types of spontaneous and brutal showdowns? Well, world famous trainer of former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, Firas Zahabi thinks he can show you the essentials.


Zahabi is a coach at the renowned Tristar Gym in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and has trained such stars as GSP, Rory MacDonald, Joseph Duffy, Sage Northcutt and Tom Breese. Widely considered one of the greatest coaches of this era of the sport, Zahabi knows exactly what he’s talking about.

So it’s cool to see such an expert give advice on how to protect yourselves from unwanted trouble in the streets, it’s also surprising how simple some of the tips and techniques in the videos are, and how in depth Firas Zahabi is able to go with his breakdowns and advice.

So skip to the next page and begin viewing Firas Zahabi’s tutorials on how to kick ass in the streets….

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