*Warning* This video is extremely graphic and should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 18. This shocking footage of a mentally challenged homeless man being savagely beaten by martial artists is disgusting….

This is one of the most disturbing and shocking videos you will ever see, and we hope that by making this clip go viral we’ll be able to get some more information, possibly even something that could lead to a conviction.

YouTube video

The fight took place at a Karate Dojo in Virginia, way back in 1984. It was filmed on video  camera, and when released many years later caused shock and dismay among viewers the world over.

Once again this horrible video has began circling the web, and we feel that in order to find out more about the people involved, it should go viral. The story behind the controversial video will shock you.

The clearly mentally ill guy with the afro walks in to Bobby Joe Blyth’s karate dojo, claiming he has a superior style. He is then ridiculed by a group of ‘martial artists’, who proceed to savagely beat the man in to a coma, even stomping on his unconscious head.

Many people believed the man died, but a police report some time afterwards confirmed that he had been spotted alive in the streets in the time since.

Even so, this video needs to go viral to try and find out more information on this harrowing case, and as mentioned, maybe even catch the sub human pieces of trash responsible.

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