Ever watched an MMA fight and just thought WOW, that was some Mortal Kombat style awesomeness? Well we’ve compiled the best MMA finishing moves right here….

Trademark styles in MMA of the old days were which martial art a fighter practised, but over the years things have changed a whole lot. Fighters tend to be more proficient in all styles now, opening the door for an evolution in the sport.

Now there are far more subtle factors that make a combatant unique, and one of those is the ability to have trademark MMA finishing moves.

Whether it’s a Street Fighter style celebration or some sort of insane knockout that gets repeated over and over, modern MMA has provided us with some highlight reel gold lately.

Many of these MMA finishing moves make real life fights look like scenes from a video game.


So, enjoy the coolest MMA finishing moves, with video highlights included….

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