Video: ‘UFC Fighter’ Beats On Two Drunk Dudes With One Hand

By Salvador Sanchez
Video: ‘UFC Fighter’ Beats On Two Drunk Dudes With One Hand

Street violence is hard to justify, and this video of a guy who claims to be a UFC fighter smashing two alleged bullies sparked massive debate. What’s your take?

For most of us in to our 30’s, growing up you’ve either witnessed or taken part in some sort of street fight. Throughout the ages  good old dust up has been a go-to method of solving disputes or problems in nearly all cultures.

Of course for many apart from the younger generations, these exploits happened with as few people as possible finding out, unless of course there were some bragging rights to be had. Mobile phone cameras and social media were non existent.

We now live in a different age, an era where standing and recording a brutal street beating instead of steeping in and breaking the fight up is acceptable. People want to make their video go viral, and social media outlets are littered with examples of this.

So enough setting the world to rights, on to the subject of the article. A video released showing a late night fight scene outside a block of apartments sparked huge debate, appearing to show a self proclaimed ‘UFC fighter’ beating on a couple of drunk guys, all the while recording it.

Perhaps if it was just some yahoo screaming that he was a UFC fighter to fend off a couple drunk jerks then fine, but there are a few points to flag up that will illustrate why this video was so controversial and widely discussed.

First of all there’s the issue of motive. The man filming the beating repeatedly states ‘don’t follow me,’ indicating that the two men have been pursuing him, both are bloodied at this point. The fact is there’s no way of determining who had started the fight and thus whether the punches were justified.

Secondly, the unnamed man claims to be a UFC fighter, seems innocuous enough, but note how he films the entire fight, meaning he is beating two guys off with one hand. You could argue that it’s hard enough for the average man to do that with both hands.

The deep voiced man then claims he ‘trains with Chuck Liddell,’ and this led to yet ore speculation that the gentleman was ‘Big’ Ben Rothwell, UFC heavyweight, this is because Rothwell has trained with Chuck in the past. The voice sounds very similar, and it led way to as mentioned, a pretty huge debate.

Skip over to see the video and you be the judge.