The difference between training in mixed martial arts and actually getting in the cage and fighting is pretty significant.  Its easy to get lost in training the different disciplines and forgetting that it is all to prepare you for getting in an actual structured fight with someone.  Its possible that one of the fighters in this video completely forgot what a mixed martial arts bout was, because once it started its clear he wanted nothing to do with it.


Thats why most fighters will start with at least 1 or 2 amateur fights before they go professional.  No matter how hard you spar with someone it is different from the atmosphere of a true fight, and that is what every competitor needs to get a feel for before they decide its the sport for them.


Ray Mercer and Kimbo Slice surprisingly fought against each other in an amateur bout that would have drawn monster TV ratings if it had taken place after Kimbo’s rise to fame.  Kimbo won that fight via guillotine in just over a minute if you can believe that.

Continue to watch an amateur fighter spring away from his opponent…

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