10 MMA Stars Who Fought Back From Life-Threatening Illnesses

Peter Sobotta

Peter Sobotta’s journey back to the UFC after being released following an 0-3 run in 2010 was unusual to say the least.

For one thing, only after Sobotta was cut from the promotion did he start training full-time.

It proved to be a good decision because Sobotta would go undefeated in his next six fights on the regional circuit, before earning a recall to the UFC.

However, just over six months prior to his return, Sobotta’s life hung in the balance after contracting a rare and potential fatal bacterial disease called actinomycosis while training in Brazil.

The disease caused the formation of agonizing abcesses in his mouth, lungs and gastrointestinal tract and led to Sobotta having to have sections of his gut removed.

Sobotta survived and his struggle only strengthened his resolve, telling MMAjunkie that, “I don’t think any opponent is tougher than what I faced in Brazil.”

Sobotta would go on to win his next two fights in the UFC, where he remains to this day, having compiled a 4-2 record so far during his second stint there.

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