Khabib Nurmagamedov has never been more powerful. The UFC lightweight champion is in control of his own destiny. He has rejected a rematch with Conor McGregor, despite the fact that it would earn him millions. That’s the type of man he is. The Dagestani has a clear vision of what he wants to do next.

Nurmagamedov looks likely to fight Tony Ferguson next. ‘El Cucuy’ is the clearcut contender at lightweight, despite what Ali Abdelaziz said about Justin Gaethje. Meanwhile, a Georges St. Pierre fight is attractive but is out of reach for the moment. So it looks like we’ll finally get Khabib v Ferguson.

In a press conference in Russia, Khabib outlined his plan for the next year. He also had some powerful messages for McGregor and the Nevada Athletic Commission.

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Tony Time

When asked about the chances of him fighting Tony Ferguson next, the Russian was clear. It’s his most likely next fight and for that, we can all be thankful. El Cucuy deserves the fight more than anybody and he’s not getting any younger. However, it’s clear that Khabib knows the situation. He believes that the Californian will be his next opponent. He said:

“Possibility of Ferguson being my next opponent is I would say 95 per cent.  Because the fans want it, I really want it and UFC wants it. But it being in Moscow is highly unlikely.”

Strong Demands

Khabib has a couple of extreme demands. First of all, he’s not happy with the Nevada Athletic Commission. That’s why he’s refusing to fight in Las Vegas unless they apologise for fining him. There’s probably more chance of snow in August there, than there is of that happening. After all, ignite an outrageous brawl in front of millions around the world.

His second requirement is for Conor McGregor. The Russian has a message for his Irish nemesis. In short, he says that ‘The Notorious’ has to win ten fights before they meet again. Of course, there’s more chance of Francis Ngannou making lightweight than that happening as well. But Khabib wants to make headlines and he’s succeeding in that regard.

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Up Next

With this in mind, it looks likely that Khabib will make his comeback in April in New York. Hopefully, the Ferguson fight does come about. The pair have been booked to fight four times. However, each time it has fallen apart. Many fans actually believe that the match-up is cursed.

Ferguson is actually on a longer winning streak in the UFC than Khabib (12 fights). But the Russian’s overall record of 27-0 is insane and has created an aura of invincibility around him. Only time will tell whether or not ‘El Cucuy’ is the man to erase that ‘0’ on Khabib’s record.

With his super BJJ ground game, Ferguson may be better placed than anyone other than Brian Ortega to put up some resistance against Khabib. But with his record, you have to favour the champion. Of course, everybody’s got to lose sometime…

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