For most of us, MMA fighters associate with a large pile of muscle. It seems that these are not smart people at all, and we completely forget that many go through preparatory schools and study hard to just fight. But some have merits not only in fights, but also in education/ Of course, their higher education is not in the field of art, but in writing fiction stories, they would most likely need the help of the essay writing service like, but they are almost all very good in exact sciences and engineering. Or maybe these are just stereotypes. Below is a list of the most educated fighters in this industry compiled by our friends at writepaper.

1. Rosi Sexton

Sexton attended Trinity College, Cambridge, where she earned a first-class diploma in mathematics. She then moved to the University of Manchester, where she achieved her Master of Science (MSc) degree in mathematical logic. She went on to complete her Ph.D. in theoretical computer science. Sexton was elected Green Party Counselor for the Shirley West Ward of Solihull City Council.

2. Shane Carwin

This guy doesn’t look like he has two B.A. degrees, but it is nonetheless. At the Colorado School of Mines, he earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a BS in Environmental Technology from Western State College. Shane became an engineer after college and continues to work in the field while pursuing a career in mixed fighting. Carwin is also a volunteer wrestling coach at Northern Colorado University.

3. Jeff Monson

Monson was a Division I fighter, competing for the University of Oregon as well as the University of Illinois. Monson has a master’s degree in psychology. For several years he worked as a specialist in the sector of crisis assessment and as a family/child psychologist. In parallel with his work for the mental health of the country, Monson continued training and fought as a fighter, combining the two professions for a long time. But in his youth, Jeff’s career in the ring did not go well. A significant victory took place in 1999 at the World Championship. After that, the young man decided to leave psychology and focus on a sports career.

4. Rich Franklin

Before becoming a mixed martial artist, Franklin graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a bachelor’s degree and later received a master’s degree in mathematics. After some time, he worked as a math teacher at Oak Hills High School.

5. Joe Lauzon

Joe from high school began to get involved in martial arts and began to actively train. But all the same, in addition to martial arts, the guy was also interested in technical education. Graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Before starting full-fledged MMA training, he worked as a system administrator in Cambridge.

6. Terry Martin

Martin nearly died at the age of 15 in the summer of 1996 when he was hit by a passing car and received five bullets in the legs, chest, and back. After recovering, Martin turned his back on the gang and focused on his education, becoming the first member of his family to receive a high school diploma. After graduating from high school, Martin earned an additional Bachelor of Science, Master’s degree and is currently attending the Adler School of Psychology campus in Chicago as a doctoral student.

7. Takeya Mizugaki

In addition to his 23 wins in combat, Mizugaki holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Kanto Gakuin University. Mizugaki has now retired from mixed martial arts after the fight but announced his retirement no earlier than early June 2021.

8. Dominick Reyes

He is one of the legends of modern Mixed Martial Arts. After graduating from high school, Dominic Reyes moved to New York State and entered Stony Brook University. He specialized in information systems.

9. Chael Sonnen

Sonnen earned a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Oregon State University. Chale Sonnen tried to realize himself as an actor, but the film industry did not express interest in him. In 2019, the eponymous documentary about the fighter was released. The man became an excellent analyst, and his predictions are often accurate. Making assumptions about the outcome of a particular match, the expert can guess the name of the winner.

10. Tor Troeng

Swedish mixed martial artist who previously fought in the middleweight division. He announced his presence on The Ultimate Fighter, where he finished in seventh place. Tor is now retired, but he is one of the smartest guys in the industry. Troeng started to train in martial arts in his hometown of Umea, Sweden at the age of 9, starting doing MMA when he was 16. Troeng went to Umea University, where he earned a master’s degree in Engineering Physics and as a math genius, he works as a project assistant in mathematics and statistics at the same university where he studied.

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