Joe Rogan Coaches Bobby Green From The Commentary Booth

Joe Rogan appeared to get a little carried away on color commentary during a fight between Bobby Green and Jacob Volkmann back in 2013.

Volkmann had previously been critical of Rogan, saying he wanted to “punch him in the nuts” after he failed to laugh at a joke he made post-fight at President Obama’s expense.

Fast forward to Volkmann’s fight with Green and when the action got close to the commentary booth and Volkmann took his opponent’s back, Rogan started animatedly explaining how to escape the position.

“Bobby’s got to stand up and separate these legs,” Rogan said as Green stared directly at him.

”He’s got to keep those legs separated. He’s got to turn. He’s got to avoid that. He’s going to end up on top if he can get that right leg over the top.

“….He’s got to explode that right leg over the top. JUMP…THAT…RIGHT…LEG over the top of Volkmann’s left,” Rogan was practically yelling at this stage, and Green did exactly what he said to get on top and would go on to submit him from there.

Green admitted to reporters backstage that he’d been listening to every word Rogan had said and that it did help him win the fight.