MMA commentator’s are lucky enough to have the best seat in the house at events and get to hang out with some of the biggest stars of the sport, but as you’ll see in this article, sometimes they can get a little too close to the action for their own good!

Brendan Fitzgerald Hides Under A Table; Michael Bisping Doesn’t

When Jeremy Stephens suffered an eyepoke just 15 seconds into his main event fight with Yair Rodriguez at UFC Fight Night 160 recently, it’s fair to say that the fans in attendance in Mexico City didn’t have a whole lot of sympathy for him.

Instead, as soon as the fight was waved off the vented their anger at the early stoppage by throwing bottles, ice cubes, food and coins at Stephens, who had to be rushed out of the arena by security guards.

In the midst of all this, the UFC commentary booth was also in the firing line from the assorted missles being launched at the Octagon, and so live on air Brendan Fitzgerald confessed that he was going to go and hide under the table.

Color commentator Michael Bisping refused to join him and instead stood up and faced the crowd, dodged incoming missles and joked that he’d “just been Modelo’d in the face,” before taking out his phone and filming the crowd and Fitzgerald cowering under the desk.

To his credit, Fitzgerald never missed a beat in his commentary during the incident and then showed a sense of humor about the situation later in the night, being photographed hiding under a table back at the hotel while enjoying a well earned post-fight drink.

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