Tales of rockstar’s trashing their hotel rooms have become the stuff of legend over the years, but some of MMA’s most volatile fighter’s are no stranger to this rebellious sort of behavior either.

In this article we’ll tell 10 stories of UFC fighter’s raising hell and causing wanton distruction of property, from hotel rooms to The Ultimate Fighter house and beyond.

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.

Conor McGregor

During an infamous five-day bender in Liverpool on the week of the Grand National in 2017, ‘The Notorious’ partied like a rockstar.

During his stay McGregor checked into the penthouse sweet at the Hilton Liverpool hotel and he and his friends proceeded to wreak havoc in the room, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage and leaving it littered with empty bottles, stains, cigarette butts, smashed glass and 20 empty canisters of laughing gas.

However, rather than waiting for the hotel to come after him for damages, McGregor instead hired a specialist to come in and deal with the clean-up operation for him.

Meanwhile, McGregor would continue partying for several days, visiting clubs and even attending local house parties, eventually being photographed looking rather worse for wear in an unidentified person’s backgarden treehouse.

Infamously, during his nocturnal adventures that week, McGregor was alleged to have slept with 26-year-old Terri Murray, who subsequently claimed in the UK tabloids that she became pregnant with the fighter’s son afterwards and also provided intimate photographs with him, including one with his hand between her legs.

McGregor has largely stayed silent on the matter, but has alleged that it was in fact one of his friend’s who slept with her.

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