10 UFC Stars Who Went Flat-Broke After Becoming Famous

Chris Weidman

Chris Weidman was on top of the world when he shocked the world by knocking out the long-time reigning middleweight champion Anderson Silva back in 2013, but leading up to that fight his life was in turmoil.

Nine months earlier Weidman’s home had been ravaged by Hurricane Sandy, leaving him, his wife and kids living in his parents basement as he sunk further into debt and struggled with a broken shoulder in the lead up to the biggest fight of his life.

“He was essentially homeless,” Danaher told MMA Fighting. “He was financially completely bankrupt. I remember I had to lend Chris thousands of dollars out of my own pocket just to keep him solvent while he’s preparing to fight Silva.

“And his life was essentially in chaos. One day when people know the full story of what happened, I’m not kidding when I say this, it’s like a goddamn Hollywood movie. It’s Rocky Balboa. It’s insane.

Thankfully the Silva fight turned Weidman’s life around and he was able to buy a new home and pay off his debts.

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