10 UFC Stars Who Went Flat-Broke After Becoming Famous

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor was famously picking up welfare cheque’s when he first joined the UFC, so you’d think he’d have been eager to never have to experience those hard times again after finding fame in the promotion.

However, McGregor saw things differently.

Rather than worrying about being broke, ‘The Notorious’ was more concerned that being financially secure would make him less hungry and motivated in his fighting career, so he came up with a daring plan to ensure that didn’t happen.

“When you get your money, spend every penny, blow it all, so you’re actually broke come your next fight, so you’re just as hungry as you were before the first one,” McGregor said.

“So I’m in the process of blowing every penny of that. Every f*cking penny of it.”

Luckily for McGregor he did continue winning, so he was never in a financial hole for long, and after his earnings rose to astronomical amounts he confessed that his “unhealthy obsession with spending money,” had faded.

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