Watch 16 Year Old Nate Diaz Use the Stockton Slap in Bare Knuckle Fight


In his first fight in 2002, Diaz looks to be at a size disadvantage in a bare knuckle bout against a fully grown man. At just 16 years old, Nate Diaz of Team Gracie took on a man named Robert Limon of Team Kihon. Look for a few “Stockton Slaps” in the video below.

While Nate probably didn’t make any money from his first fight, he made at least $500,000 for his most recent appearance. UFC President Dana White was quoted as saying that Nate made “millions” of dollars from this fight, and that, given his new financial situation, we may never see Nate Diaz fight again.

It is easy to dismiss the comments of Diaz never fighting again. He is a fighter, and with the options at his disposal, we should see an announcement coming soon for his next opponent.

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