When pro wrestlers fight real fighters, it doesn’t turn out very well. In 1998, pro wrestler Bart Gunn took on professional boxing knockout artist Eric ‘Butterbean’ Esch. The 425-pound boxer was known for his vicious knockout power.

I know, if it’s WWE it must be fake, right? Well not exactly. It was known as the WWF back then, and they hosted a ‘Brawl for All’ event, where boxers and other real fighters would take on wrestlers in actual fights.

The rule set was based on takedowns and knockdowns. Bart Gunn, although much taller, was clearly no match for Butterbean. The result was a savage knockout punch that came at the end of the first round.

Oh dear. Probably not the best idea to put that fight together was it?

Talking of freak shows, did anyone see what happened after former world’s strongest man Mariusz Pudzianowski’s latest fight?

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