Crackhead definition: Someone addicted to crack, or a UFC fighter on weigh-ins day…

Weighing in before fights is both a very difficult and dangerous practice. The idea is to get as much of an advantage as possible, hitting the limit after an often brutal week of starvation and dehydration.

The strains on the body can cause long term damage, including kidney damage, severe dehydration symptoms including organ failure, brain damage and sometimes even death.

Although the UFC will implement a new one week 8% limit rule at UFC 200, it’s likely fighters will still find a way to manipulate the system.

In the UFC especially, athletes have access to the best nutritionists and weight management teams available. But this doesn’t stop many huge fighters cutting so much weight that they look like crack heads on the scale.

Join us as we look at five UFC fighters who look like crackheads on the scale.

Ed note: The following is intended for humour only, so don’t sue, it’s just for giggles…

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