People are often mesmerized when gigantic fighters enter the ring. When you look at the old promotions in Japanese MMA, fights featuring Godzilla-like ‘freak show’ fighters always got the biggest draws.

Fights featuring Hong Man Choi, Zuluzinho, Bob Sapp, Giant Silva, Eric ‘Butterbean’ Esch and many others will go down as possibly the biggest freak show fights ever. It’s not only in mixed martial arts that this happens though.


Boxing is notorious for having some ‘freak shows,’ and in fact they had a WBC heavyweight champion named Nikolai Valuev. He didn’t last long at the top though, as he was narrowly defeated by David Haye, who was a full foot shorter than the giant Russian.822dee3a34fd49e8381de0dab2ee5322adc39948_hq[1]

So what is it that makes these freak shows so attractive? Perhaps it’s the old David vs. Goliath tale that many of us grew up with. The smaller man overcoming the odds and physical disadvantages. But what about when the one guy isn’t actually a fighter?

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