Looks like Conor McGregor might have a hard time going back down to featherweight to defend his UFC featherweight belt, or even lightweight for that matter, not because he can no longer make the weight but because full-sized welterweights keep calling him out.

One such fighter is the retired but recently rumored to be making a comeback to the UFC against McGregor — Georges “Rush” St-Pierre.


While McGregor is indeed at the top of his game, GSP is a legend in the sport and despite a long time spent away from the Octagon, it’s not inconceivable that GSP could return to his old form as he is still physically able to compete at a high level.

In fact, the time away from competition could also have in turn reignited his passion for combat and we could be seeing a reinvigorated GSP by the time he steps back into the cage.

Here’s Five Reasons GSP would MURDER Conor McGregor…

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