Vast Experience On GSP’s Side

GSP is one of the most experienced fighters in the world. The former pound-for-pound king of MMA left the sport in 2013 at the top of his game. His last loss was in 2007 at UFC 69 against Matt Serra, when he was dealing with family issues and was highly distracted from what was going on inside the cage.

But since then however, GSP made a massive run leading up to the culmination of his peak. He railed off 12 straight victories all against top contenders. The list of names GSP conquered during the course of six years is not only impressive, it’s downright unimaginable.

No one seemed to know how to get past GSP’s tremendous cage control and world-class wrestling. The only one to make it a fight was then Johny Hendricks, who went life-and-death with GSP for five rounds only to come up on the wrong end of a split decision.

That was a time when Hendricks was just absolutely ballin’ out of control and no one seemed to be able to handle him. But GSP did, and he did so in one of his most virtuoso performances to date. Talk about a way to leave the sport.

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