The Veteran Voice of the Octagon Has Revealed His Displeasure That Nate Diaz is Complaining About The UFC… 

Bruce Buffer is one of the most recognizable and iconic figures in the UFC. The veteran commentator has the most distinctive voice in MMA and is present at practically every major event the UFC holds. His iconic “It’s TIME” is one of the most immortal lines in combat sports.

The half-brother of boxing commentator Michael Buffer, Bruce is also a professional poker player. He has a 2nd-degree black belt in Tang Soo Do and is also an experienced judo player, so he’s no slouch when it comes to martial arts.

He’s typically known to stay neutral when it comes to discussing fighters and his relationships with them. However, he decided to be honest and put Nate Diaz on full blast as he revealed his disappointment with the Californian’s reaction to his placement on the UFC 230 card. In an interview with TMZ, he did not hold back.

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No More

Diaz drew criticism after his reaction to Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagamedov being finalized for the main event of UFC 229. Buffer firmly believes that the Stockton-based fighter has absolutely nothing to complain about.

“I love Nate but he’s always got a bad taste in his mouth. Nate, I heard you made 7 or more million dollars in your last fight,” Buffer said. “I don’t want to hear you complaining about being under-promoted by the UFC. You should be thanking the UFC and bowing to Dana White every time you see him.

“You got 7 or more million dollars gross before taxes, maybe much more. Which I love knowing that you have, Nate. Please, I don’t want to hear any more complaints.”


It’s still unclear what exactly Diaz was complaining about. He’s set to fight Dustin Poirier in the co-main event of UFC 230 in New York’s Madison Square Garden. Nobody is sure if he’s upset because he’s not on the co-main event of the McGregor card, or if it’s because he doesn’t get to fight the Irishman and complete their trilogy.

When asked if he thinks the McGregor v Diaz trilogy will ever be finished, Buffer was unequivocal. He said:

“I think we all want to see it, but I don’t think we can make determinations about anything until we see what happens between Khabib and Conor. This is a big fight. I don’t think in front of my guns — I think behind my guns. We’ll see what happens and then the marketing brains of the UFC will put together what the best thing is for the fans.”

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.


It seems like Diaz has overestimated his value to the company. He sat on the sidelines for two years while the lightweight division got top-heavy and an even more marketable rivalry between McGregor and Khabib escalated.

Now he has to make a statement against Dustin Poirier – another former McGregor opponent. If he loses to ‘The Diamond’ then he may never get another shot against ‘The Notorious.’ He’s treading a fine line. Diaz definitely didn’t expect this to happen when he went on hiatus.

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