Jon Jones is Ready to Make the Step Up to Heavyweight and Brock Lesnar Could be Waiting for Him… if the Two Men do Fight Jones Promises to Embarrass the Former Champion…

Now that Jon Jones doesn’t have to fight Daniel Cormier as the champion of the UFC heavyweight division, he suddenly sounds a lot warmer about moving up a weight class. DC lost to Stipe Miocic, getting knocked out for just the second time in his career, with the first coming at the hands of ‘Bones’ – although officially it was ruled a no-contest.

The future of Jones looks to be in the UFC’s top weight-class. He’s basically cleared out light-heavyweight. Right now there are a few guys who need to fight each other before they get to Jones, like Jan Blachowicz, Corey Anderson, Johnny Walker and Dominick Reyes.

So the time could be ripe to step up and take on a heavyweight. According to WWE superstar Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar could be the man to welcome Jones up a level. Well, wouldn’t that break the internet? Jones has been quick to jump on this and is ready to break Lesnar.

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Kurt Angle was speaking on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show and said that he believes that Jones is the man to lure Lesnar out of retirement. It’s trending on social media now and a lot of people seem excited by the prospect of the two men fighting. Angle told Helwani:

“I hope he does return. I know he said he was retired, but I think the one fight he wants, and I don’t know if it will happen, but he wants to go up against Jon Jones. I think that would be an extraordinary fight. They are very different. Their sizes are completely opposite, but Brock’s a freak. He might not win all of his fights, and he may not be the more polished fighter, but he is an incredible athlete

“He could do anything he wants, play football or pro baseball, he could adapt to anything. Brock is an incredible athlete and wrestling him in the ring, I knew how great an athlete he truly is. I mean he could play basketball, he is unbelievable.”

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Bring it On

Jones definitely wants the mega payday that a fight with Lesnar would bring. It’s one of the most lucrative possible match-ups in the UFC today. He definitely fancies his chances against Lesnar – a 42-year-old whose last official win came back in 2010.

“He knows that’s what his friends want to hear, but he doesn’t really want this fight. Trust me,” wrote Jon on Instagram. “Brock is way too slow, I’ll embarrass him.” 

You’d hope so wouldn’t you?

Makes Sense

Lesnar is still box office and this fight would definitely bring interest from those mythical casuals the UFC always seems mad to attract at the cost of their own diehard fans. But this would actually make sense. Jones v Lesnar would be a pay-per-view hit. We’d get to see Jones step up a weight class for the first time and most importantly Lesnar won’t be fighting for the title.

Should Jones win? Yes, absolutely. Is it nailed on? No. This is heavyweight we’re talking about. Just keep Jeff Novitzky and the USADA dogs away.

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