Nate Diaz Came Bang With a Bang… He Put on a Suffocating Show Against Anthony Pettis and Made the Perfect Callout After… He Wants a Shot at Jorge Masvidal and Now He Wants to Defend a Special Belt Against ‘Gamebred’… 

It was a great night at the office for Nate Diaz. He didn’t finish Anthony Pettis but in most people’s eyes, he won all three rounds of their epic clash in Anaheim, California at UFC 241. Diaz is one of the biggest fan-favourites in the promotion and it’s been way too long since he last fought.

After three years out of action, he dominated Pettis to prove he still has what it takes to justify the claim that he’s a mainstream draw. Diaz now wants to take on Jorge Masvidal. ‘Gamebred’ has had an epic 2019 so far and a clash with Stockton’s finest would be an epic battle.

Check out Diaz’s callout in the post-fight press conference below.

Great Call

Diaz initially called out Masvidal on the mic during his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan. Masvidal was there and appeared to accept the challenge with glee. That basically made everybody watching get very excited. Later on, Diaz expanded on why he wanted to fight out Masvidal, whose coming off two spectacular knockouts.

“You have to recognize who is the best in the game, and it’s not who they’re saying it is,” Diaz said at the post-fight press conference. “It’s who I’m saying it is. It’s the guy who has been winning forever and are still on the top of the game. Pettis just knocked out Thompson, who just fought for the 170 title a bunch of times. He fights Pettis and Pettis knocks his ass out real quick.

“Who’s the real badass dude in the 170 division? They’re trying to pump up this dude (Askren), and Masvidal goes in there and knocks his ass out. And he’s been in here since I started fighting in 2004, I think. I think he had been there a little longer, and he just did that (to Askren). And I just did that (to Pettis). So, that’s the best fighter to me, the best martial artist who is still on top of the game.

Jorge Masvidal. USA TODAY Sports.

The Best

Styles make fights and there’s no doubt that Masvidal and Diaz bring action and excitement to every fight they’re involved in – even if they don’t win. Their attitudes are as entertaining as their actual fights. They share an “us against the world” mentality and are very charismatic. Diaz said:

“No one’s showing any acknowledgement for being the best fighter in the world. Which I am, just like Masvidal. I’m the best martial artist. We’re not just some ‘hold on to me wrestlers,’ who will hold you and hopefully win a round, finding a loophole to winning these fights and put a belt on their waist,” Diaz said.

“Now we’re fighting for the baddest motherf—ker in the game belt. And that’s mine! So I’d like to defend that against Jorge Masvidal, so if he wants to be the baddest motherf—ker, that’s how we gonna do it.”

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.

Bad Man

The Stockton fighter also made it clear that he has no patience for fighters being all nice and polite on the microphone. He said that they should basically make use of their time and demand the fight that they want, just like he did on the night against Masvidal. Diaz said:

“Quit acting like this is a professional sport. ‘Whatever they want to give me?’ No, I’m going to take what’s mine,” he said. “That’s what I’m talking about, the baddest motherf—ker title. I need that belt made as soon as possible.”

We’re down for that.

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