GSP’s Superior Intelligence

McGregor is a smart fighter, no doubt. And he prides himself in the fact that inside the cage, he’s a tactician, a war general who carefully plots his moves to outsmart his opponents.

McGregor famously said a few weeks ago that there are three ways to breakdown a man — mental, physical and verbal. Yet no one has been able to outsmart GSP in his nearly 15 years of fighting.

When Nick Diaz fought GSP in 2013, he came in with a great gameplan but being the student of the game GSP is, Diaz was completely shut out. He even wondered after the fight if someone had tipped GSP off on his strategy. GSP is just that good.

Against McGregor, this intelligence will once again be put to good use. There’s no denying McGregor is a smart fighter, that much is true, but again GSP just completely outshines him, or anyone for that matter, when it comes to cage smarts.

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