Check out this rare footage of Mike Goldberg losing his mind on the UFC microphone…

One of the many traditions that makes the UFC so popular is their commentating team. Consisting of Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg, the UFC’s commentary desk is both entertaining and informative.

Surprisingly it was leaked earlier this month that the new owners of the UFC wanted to switch things up. No longer will we see Goldberg serving as Rogan’s commentary partner in 2017.


“Dream Team”

Many feel as though the partnership between Rogan and Goldberg is solid enough. WME-IMG, who acquired the UFC for $4.2 billion this year, clearly doesn’t agree. What’s that saying about ‘if it ain’t broke?’

Nonetheless, it seems like Goldberg’s years of bloopers and classic moments will soon become a thing of the past.


Goldberg’s Meltdown Video Below

We’ve seen so many hilarious and awkward bloopers featuring Mike Goldberg. So much so, he has highlight reel videos dedicated to his most funny moments. Comments that have literally made Rogan burst out in laughter, but also left the color commentator confused.

The following video has not really been seen that much. Considering how epic a moment it is, we’re surprised this footage has not gone viral. It took place at UFC 145 in 2012, and Goldberg literally loses his mind.

After messing up his intro, Goldy can be heard cussing heavily and dropping serious f-bombs down the microphone. Check it out:

YouTube video

Although his knowledge of fighting isn’t exactly on par with Joe Rogan’s, we feel Mike Goldberg deserves his spot in the UFC. Obviously our opinion won’t hold weight with the new UFC owners, though.

With rumours spreading about Mario Lopez or Jim Rome as candidates to replace Goldberg, are the new owners tinkering too much with an existing product that works really well? Guess we’ll find out in 2017.

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  1. Actually Goldberg has been getting steadily worse lately..not sure whats up with him… He has always reminded me of a “Las Vegas -coked out used car dealer” anyways…but lately hes just been in his own world in these broadcasts…

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