GSP is Virtually Undefeated

GSP has two official losses on his record but they may as well be considered No Contests as there were legitimate reasons as to why GSP lost those bouts.

Against Matt Serra in 2007, GSP was mentally distracted and had repeatedly stated that he lost that fight because he wasn’t focused. At the time, GSP was dealing with problems in his personal life, including the death of a close cousin and his father’s serious illness. GSP then made drastic personnel changes later parting ways with his manager and most of his entourage.

Against Matt Hughes in 2004, it was only GSP’s third bout in the UFC and he was already challenge then welterweight champion whom he idolized as a fighter. Hughes, then champion and the more experienced fighter, took a young GSP to school. The loss was the first of GSP’s career and he has since admitted that he was in awe of Hughes going into the title bout.

In many ways, the two losses can easily be dismissed and we’re looking at an undefeated legend.

McGregor is great and all, and may be the most immensely popular fighter in the history of the sport. But he has a long way to go until he reaches a legendary status the one like GSP’s. In terms of overall achievements, McGregor won’t hold a candle to GSP’s and that’s a fact.

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