What a massive win for TJ Dillashaw, it may not have been the most dominant performance but it still impressive considering he was out of the sport for quite a while. Although some would also think that Sandhagen won the fight, the fight was too close to judge that it could have gone either way.

The fight was pretty much exciting all throughout, in the second round, Dillashaw suffered a massive cut that was brutal to watch. Up to that point, many would think Sandhagen would walk through him but he let Dillashaw dictate the pace. It was the wrong gameplan for Sandhagen as he should have taken advantage of Dillashaw’s cut and injured knee.

Even Khabib said going to the fifth and final round that it was 2-2 in his scorecards. It later revealed to be true as whoever won the last round won the fight. Although some would also say Sandhagen won the round, it did not matter as two judges thought Dillashaw won.

Dillashaw also showed he is the more well rounded fighter, yes both are high level strikers but Dillashaw’s grappling and more willingness to wrestle may have edged him. In terms of damage, Sandhagen may have won it but it was still close. The leg kicks of Dillashaw also gave him a slight edge.

Sandhagen landed the cleaner shots he may still lack experience compared to Dillashaw. Sandhagen still has a lot of room to grow. There were moments that the strikes landed would have knocked someone out but Dillashaw suprisingly proved that he had granite chin. Him being out for more than 2 years, may have helped with his ability to absorb strikes.

Dillashaw will likely fight for the title next since he is a former champion and also beat #2 ranked Cory Sandhagen. Dillashaw took a huge risk in fighting Sandhagen and proved that he is still one of the best bantamweights in the world. It will be interesting matchup whoever comes wins the Sterling vs Yan 2.

Petr Yan showed respect with Dillashaw’s perfomance. Yan also said beating Dillashaw is his goal mainly because Dillashaw did not lost his belt in a fight and may look at him as one of the best right now. It will be a fun matchup as well.

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