The essence of hookah lies in tobacco. The fresher the tobacco is, the better the hookah-smoking experience will be. Hookah tobacco is the most essential factor in the making of a good sheesha and it can’t be ignored. For an excellent quality sheesha, you need to make sure the tobacco you’re using is fresh.

‘How to keep my hookah tobacco fresh’ is a question, which people fail to answer. In addition, they overlook the importance of fresh tobacco. Therefore, we have listed quite a few ways that keep your hookah as good as new. Read on the guide and know how you can store hookah tobacco to keep it fresh for days.

When you buy hookah tobacco, you’ll see it comes in air-sealed packages or wrapped in air-sealed foil. In this manner, the tobacco is nicely packed and safe. However, once the box is opened up, it might dry if not taken care of.

Quite a few steps are required to follow in order to keep your hookah tobacco as good as new. Let’s see how you can ensure that your hookah tobacco stays fresh.

Keep The Package Away From Sunlight

The first rule to keep your tobacco fresh is to keep it far away from direct sunlight. Make sure you store it in a dry or cool place. For this reason, check twice if the container jar is packed tightly or not. Carefully pack it in a pot and bag once you have used it.

In addition, you can also store it in a drawer or cabinet and keep it at room temperature.

Besides, never place your hookah tobacco flavor near a stove or radiator. Please keep it away from all kinds of heat sources. The constant supply of heat turns the flavor into a pretty lousy quality. Therefore, take care of it as you do while storing food.

Store It In A Tight Container

When a package of hookah tobacco is opened, it is often thrown away. People don’t store original packaging because it’s of no use. We suggest you buy reasonably priced storage containers, glass jars, or plastic containers in such a case. However, make sure you check its seal and whether it is air-tight or not.

In case your jar isn’t air-tight, you might have to find another place to store your hookah tobacco flavor.

Put It In The Fridge

The idea of keeping your hookah tobacco in the fridge might be seen as strange and absurd. However, in reality, it isn’t. The important part is to store tobacco in air-tight containers and place it in the fridge. It actually works and can even increase the lifespan of tobacco.

Never Deep Freeze Your Hookah Tobacco

Keeping in mind the above suggestion, you might deep freeze the hookah tobacco. But don’t. Think again. It is because when you deep freeze the hookah tobacco flavor, it dries them. It dries faster since it destroys the oil and moisture, which was giving tobacco its taste originally.

Opt For Tobacco Syrup

If your hookah tobacco has dried despite all your attempts, we suggest you opt for tobacco syrup. Mix it up with the old sheesha flavor, and enjoy your tobacco as good as new. Within few minutes, your flavor is ready, and you can start smoking sheesha again.

Keep Coal In An Air-Tight Jar

Coal doesn’t obtain an expiry date. But, they are damaged by water. Therefore, keeping them dry is essential. In addition, you must keep coal and water far from one another.

How Long Can One Keep Hookah Tobacco Flavor?

It is yet another common question, which many people fail to answer.

Sheesha or hookah tobacco flavor comes in sealed packages. The sealed container can be kept on your shelf for up to 2 years. Once the sealed package is opened up, it will retain the flavor for six to twelve months.

You are allowed to keep sheesha tobacco flavor as long as you want. Additionally, you can smoke it if the flavor has been retained.

In case you don’t find air-tight jars and containers, you can opt for zip lock bags. It is a much cheaper alternative, but its function is the same as air-tight containers. In simpler words, it offers the same protection as air-tight containers.

The tobacco flavor is an essential ingredient when you smoke hookah or sheesha. It can turn stale if it isn’t taken care of and might not offer the original taste. Therefore, we have listed quite a few tips to help you store hookah tobacco flavor for a more extended period. It might feel like a lot of work but it really isn’t. You just need to figure out which tip works best for you and then stick to it for good.

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